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September 29, 2020
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By Hilary McGuckin

So a while ago we looked at 5 Easy Ways to Implement Sustainable Beauty. This week we dive into sustainable skincare specifically. 

From Boots new Ingredients range that’s vegan and cruelty free. To the new M&S Pure range, that’s equally free from animal-derived ingredients. And then there’s elaf cosmetics anti-inflammatory Cannabis Sativa Collection. There has been a deluge of ethical skincare spawned this year.

But are clean, vegan, and hemp-based products enough to negate the need to address the plastic packaging epidemic? With similar ranges touting complete assurances on the quality and safety of their ingredients, and promises that their formulas waon’t cause harm to humans or the environment, is it enough to invest your hard-earned pennies into them when their packaging is still contributing to global warming and filling the bellies of sea life?

We get it. It’s hard to create a range that is both 100% sustainable and affordable for every purse. So here we bring you a handful of sustainable skincare ranges that we love. They are all cruelty free, pure and come in plastic-free or recycled packaging.

Our Top Sustainable Skincare Ranges

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100% Pure

Range includes: Fruit-pigmented make-up, skin, hair and body care. 

Range profile: Not only is this range all-natural, naturally pigmented, plant-based (vegan), toxin, paraben & sulphate-free, it’s also cruelty free.

Packaging: 100% Pure are committed to using glass instead of plastic in their packaging and BPA and Phthalates free plastics that are 100% recyclable.

Dr Haushka

Range includes: Day cream, cleansers, deodorants, hair care and make-up

Range profile: This iconic brand is 50 years old. Furthermore, they are renowned for their biodynamic farming methods. For example, the use of green energy like wind power to produce some of the highest quality, plant-based products available.

Packaging: The majority of Dr Haushka is packaged using glass jars and aluminium tubes, and any plastic they do use is recycled. 

And what’s more, where Dr Haushka has to source the raw ingredients they do so in support of the World Hunger Project, helping to support some 700 organic farmers. 


Range includes: Vitamin C day creams, facial oil, beauty balms and super charged serums.

Range profile: BYBI is the full package, bringing you 100% natural skin care in the glass or completely recyclable bioplastic containers. In fact, they put their sustainability credentials up front and centre on their website, with detailed information on their ingredients, manufacturing and packaging. For the most part, not many brands give you this much transparency. They even run their own sustainability events called ‘susty summits’!

Packaging: Founders Elsie and Domenika have committed their entire range to glass or bioplastic tubes derived from sugarcane, a plastic packaging substitute.


Range includes: Hot cloth cleansers, calming day creams, bio-regenerate oils and pregnancy safe products

Range profile: UK-based skincare that caters to the sensitive skin market and even offers 90-day money back guarantee on their full-size products. Not to mention their impressive array of accreditations. From Cosmos Natural from the Soil Association to Leaping Bunny and Vegan Society approved. 

Packaging: Pai are committed to minimising their impact on the environment, in fact they choose recyclable packaging that protects “the precious organic ingredients” in their formulas and is “kinder to the earth.” In 2015 they phased out laminated boxes and introduced glass packaging and recyclable bioplastic tubes derived from sugarcane wherever possible.

So, if you’ve discovered a sustainable skincare range that’s worked wonders for you and is doing impressive things for the environment we’d love to hear about it in the comments box below!

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