5 Easy Ways to Implement Sustainable Beauty

January 9, 2020
Beauty Brushes - Sustainable Vibes

by Hilary McGuckin

Sustainable beauty. Doesn’t sound all that glamorous does it … but here’s one fact alone that might make people think twice about what they’re putting on their faces…cosmetics and perfume packaging costs a whopping 18 million acres of forest per year! That’s an eye opener and a half.

But how can you even start to move to a more sustainable beauty routine. Aren’t we all just trying to get things done and rush out the door, hoping we have our shoes on the correct feet and our zips done up? (Speaking from experience here…)

The thought of starting to source more sustainable beauty brands can seem daunting, (and we will help you with this we promise!)

So here today we give you 5 easy tips that you can implement quickly and easily at home, allowing you to leave the house feeling a little smugger (and hopefully just as clean!) than the day before.

Man washing sustainable metal razor in a sink

💚Use stainless-steel safety razors … instead of disposable plastic ones. Believe it or not you’ll get a better shave. They are not hard to get the hang of and you’ll honestly never go back to a disposable mach 3…

💚Use washable remover pads … made from bamboo instead of cotton balls for taking your make up off. Less abrasive on your skin and you won’t be throwing anything away.

Heres an extra tip a reader gave us recently – keep a few of your make up rounds separate for your mascara and eye make up as over time these will inevitably stain a little.

💚Get creative with Baking Soda … Soooo many ways to use this little wonder, it warrants a post all by itself (coming!) but a few interesting ways you can use it include; under each arm as a very effective deodorant. No aluminium salts to worry about; Mixed in 3 parts baking soda one part water and rubbed (carefully around the eyes) on the skin or over nails before a manicure. Rinse off and away you go; Sprinkle a little into the roots of your hair to freshen it up between washes. Give it a rub or brush it through with your fingers.

💚Use multi-purpose products … it’s simple, fewer products equals less packaging! And it might just save you time and money. For example Look for and a cleansing and toning bar for your skin, or a moisturising or conditioning shampoo; A face mask and exfoiliator, a lip and cheek stain… you get the idea. More on this another day.

💚Read the labels … dodge petrochemicals like paraffin oil, propylene glycol and ethylene. Instead opt for beeswax, cocoa butter and vegetable oils. You’re complexion will reap the benefits and you’ll be healthier at a cellular level. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Like these tips? Let us know and we’ll be back with more!

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