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How To Use a Wax Wrap

May 8, 2020
Selection of fruit and veg in a wax wrap

Have you moved to wax wraps to store your food yet? We talk a lot about wax wraps being a zero waste, eco friendly alternative to cling film and plastic storage bags – but how best to use them?

Here, Paddy from Wax Hive Wraps tells us all about it.

How do I use a wax wrap?

Simply use the heat from your hands to seal it around your fruit and vegetables, cheese, sandwiches, bread, lunch packs, bowls trays – whatever your wrapping needs might be. 

What can I use a wax wrap for?

Almost anything you keep in the fridge! They are great for keeping bread, cheese, vegetables and fruit fresh; and for covering baking bowls – to name a few. They are primarily used for green food, and dried goods in the kitchen or out and about.

(Our WaxHiveWraps are breathable and water-resistant so not only are they great at keeping your food fresh they also work well for ferments – we always use them for our rising sourdough breads)

Bread in a Wax Wrap LOOLYN

Why use a wax wrap?

Treat your food right, keep plastic out of sight… Our world is in a climate and pollution crisis and wax wraps helps to reduce single-use plastic by being reusable, long-lasting, compostable and eco friendly.

Not only is it about reducing plastic waste, but also acknowledging the importance of good food and how to care for it so it doesn’t go to waste. WaxHiveWraps are made with all-natural products they are 100% biodegradable – so when they have taken their last breath they can either be composted or cut into pieces and used as firelighters!

Changes can be hard but at least this one adds a bit of fun and colour to everyday life…

Anything I should avoid?

Hot places, like ovens, microwaves and direct sunlight. It’s also best to avoid raw meat, fish, and pineapples.

Veggies in a Wax Wrap LOOLYN

How do I clean my wrap?

To clean your wraps rinse them in cold water with a bit of eco detergent and hang them to dry.  

It must be cold water as the wax has a melting point at around 60° C.

Can I use my wrap in the oven, microwave or around hot food?

Unfortunately, no. The heat will melt the wrap. 

If you would like to cover your leftovers, we suggest you let your food cool down before wrapping it and putting it in the fridge. In general, it is a good idea to let your leftovers cool down before refrigerating anyway. Hot food in the fridge risks tarnishing other foods, and will use more electricity to lower the temperature. 

Where do I store them?

After washing them, when your wraps have dried, store them in your drawer or any handy places away from the sun.

Are they reusable? 

YES, they most certainly are!

How long will my wrap last for? 

Our WaxHiveWraps last for 6 months or more if they have been well cared for. When you use wraps, creases will naturally form. We recommend that you refresh a wrap every couple of months (depending on use) as this will smoothen out the creases and redistribute wax into cracks where the wrap has continuously been folded – simply resetting it.

I accidentally washed my wrap with hot water what do I do?

Don’t worry. it is not as bad as it might seem. To save your wrap, use a refresher block available on the website. It is a block of the solution we use when making the wraps. See below how to use it.

When do I use a refresher block?

After some use, your wrap might feel a bit thin. In this situation, you can use the refresher block to top up the amount of wax on your wrap. 

All you have to do is refresh it like normal, by grating a bit of the block on to the wrap where the wax is crumbling off or is missing, and you will be back in action. 

Use your judgment to determine when to refresh them – it will depend on how much you have used it.

Wax Wrap refresher block - how to use a wax wrap

How do I refresh them?

Refreshing your wrap will make it look like new again! There are two methods:

1. Oven (electric only!!)  – set your oven at 100 degrees celcius and place your wrap on a baking tray with baking paper (so wax doesn’t go on your tray). Pop it in the oven for 2- 3 minutes until the solution on the wrap has melted. Take it out of the oven, remove from the tray making sure not to burn your fingers, gently waft it until it has cooled down. Do not use this method if you have a gas oven as the naked flame could set it on fire. 

2. Iron – set your iron on the cotton setting, on your ironing board place an old piece of fabric you don’t use anymore (towel, tea towel, t-shirt) to protect your ironing board from wax. Cut two pieces of baking paper so they are about 5 cm bigger on every side than your wrap. Place the wrap between the baking paper so it goes: Ironing board, old tea towel, baking paper, wrap, baking paper, iron. Iron it so the wax on the wrap melts and redistributes itself back into the wrap. When the wax feels spread again, take it off the paper and waft it in the air to cool down for a little bit (about 1 min). 

Tip! Keep the baking paper for next time you refresh your wrap

Voila, you now know how to protect your food in a zero waste, eco friendly manner!

If you would like to read more about Wax Hive Wraps brand and what they contain, read on…

The Wax Hive Wraps are composed of 5 natural materials; beeswax, pinetree resin, coconut oil and okeoTex100 Cotton.

Nadja and Paddy: We hand-make your WaxHiveWraps in a lovely hand-built workshop in a place of beauty call THY, Denmark. It’s beside the sea and we have a small Farm so we love making the beautiful wraps in a place we call home. Take a look at our wraps here!


This is the key ingredient. We source our beeswax from local producers within a 50 Km radius of our farm. The beeswax doesn’t only smell amazing it created the bulk of the solution that we apply to the cotton. Beeswax has natural antibacterial properties that help the preservation of foodstuffs. Humans have been using it for hundreds of years for protecting beautiful cheese!


We currently use 100% Oekotex Cotton which uses sustainable and not toxic inks to create their patterns and colours. We are working on some of our own prints and a more organic mix see keep your eyes peeled for these coming through 🙂

PineTree Resin

Tree Resin is that sticky juice inside the tree, you have probably seen it if a branch has been knocked off a tree and the sap is running out of it. It is what gives the wrap its stickiness. We use the Pine Resin that is the best for creating flexibility and a little tackiness for our Waxhivewraps.

Organic Coconut Oil

The coconut oil in the wrap gives the wrap a lather feel and helps prevent cracking of the resin and beeswax. It is also better to use at it has a really long self-life compared to other oils like olive oil or linseed

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