Brand Directory

When Lynsey and I started our plastic free marketplace in 2020 (LOOLYN) we already knew of eco friendly, sustainable brands in our area. Mainly from using them ourselves and seeing them at our local markets. But once we started researching to see who we wanted on our site, we discovered a wealth of companies operating with ethical and sustainable principles. Many of them use zero waste production methods or give back to the community through financial donations, tree planting or free product for those in need.

Whatever the ethos, I continue to support and champion these eco friendly brands (no affiliation or cashbacks here). So more people can find them and buy from them. Let’s remove non sustainable, polluting materials from our eco systems. Take a look …

Cards and Art

Willow and Weeds LOGO - Sustainable Vibes
Willow and Weeds

Jo Rourke is chief artist and poet. She creates hand painted artwork and original poetry, putting them together into cards, stationery and wall art, helping you  surround yourself with meaningful, beautiful things. The cards are even keepable!

Adele Pound Art

Adele, a wildlife artist, illustrator and designer, creates narratives in acrylic, watercolour, collage and drawings. By watching and sketching birds, images and stories are imbedded in her mind so she can beautifully create her craft.

A La Kart Creations

A La KArt Creations is run by Kitti. She makes unique and bespoke, plantable stationery, promoting the love for nature and protecting our environment through reuse and recycling. Each product is lovingly crafted and bring continuous joy as they bloom and grow.

Children’s Delights

Helpful Kids

Shiri’s experience in behavioural science and habit formation inspired her to create Helpful Kids. A range of activities to help calmly teach children to engage positively in household chores, build children’s personal, social and development skills.

The Paper Party Bag Shop

After struggling to find fun, non-plastic toys for her daughter’s 5th birthday party in 2017 Liz decided to make her own. The Paper Party Bag Shop launched in 2018. A one-stop shop for non-plastic, eco-friendly, fun goodies & bags to challenge the ubiquitous party bags birthdays.

Abaki Toys

AbakiToys is a family-owned toy manufacturing company specializing in all-natural handmade wooden toys. The toys are made in the mysterious Abaki elf workshop in Transylvania by very experienced elves who make, assemble and sand each tiny toy to perfection. They celebrate the beauty of wood just as it’s been given to us by nature.


Tansy Crafts

Tansy Crafts make eco-friendly, reusable and biodegradable Beeswax Wraps. These are an alternative to plastic, cling film and foil for covering fruit, vegetables and many other items.

Living Naturally Soapnuts

The 1st Soapnut Apothecary in the world! Award-winning, Biodynamic Skincare, Haircare and Laundry Soap for sensitive skin, created with certified organic wild-crafted Soapnuts. Artisan products, handmade in the UK. 100% vegan, natural and organic, ethically sourced, sustainable & cruelty-free.

My Reusables

Committed to having a positive impact on the throwaway culture, we make bamboo straws and plastic free straw cleaners in handmade pouches. Good looking design and functionality that reduces the amount of single use plastic getting into our oceans and landfills.

Neon Kactus

The Neon Kactus mission is simple….to Create A Better Tomorrow! They aim to do this by creating reusable products for an on the go lifestyle with unrivalled style and performance that will decrease the need for plastic production.

Wax Hive Wraps

“Treat your food right, keep your plastic out of sight” Our aim is to reduce the volume of single use plastic by replacing it with natural, biodegradable materials, that do not harm the environment. Choosing the funkiest designs we can get our hands on, we make sure your fridge looks anything but drab!

Green Island

Inspired to examine the amount of single use plastic we consume daily, Sheenagh created a stylish, high quality, reasonably priced range of kitchenware that helps people make the switch to a more plastic free life. And she makes a difference by planting a tree for every order made.

Miss Tea Smith

Out of sheer love and enjoyment, I started concocting my own Ceylon (Sri Lankan) blends, using endless spices and flora. My teas are different, fresh, quirky, but respectful of tradition.

Homeware, Jewellery and Gifts

Whiskey Wood Craft

Greg, an experienced cabinet maker from Australia and his Irish wife Karen decided to craft products that would be well made, unique and last a lifetime. Using retired old Irish Whiskey barrels, they carve the most beautiful pieces by hand.

Tabitha Eve

Tabitha Eve create beautiful handmade cotton, linen and bamboo home ware for a less waste lifestyle. Debbie started her own war against wastefulness when diving in the seas of Borneo. Confronted by a plastic island that was home to such precious sea life, she vowed to try and do her bit.

Loft and Daughter

Loft & Daughter is an ethical & sustainable lifestyle brand for the free-spirited conscious consumer. The makers of the jewellery have been handpicked by Katie, making this a brand that impacts positively on people and planet, without compromising quality or design.

Molly and Me Candles

A former Senior HR Manager for a retail company and self-confessed candle lover, Sharron became very conscious of the black soot polluting her home from her regular candles! Sharron’s journey to making clean, eco friendly candles led to her carefully sourcing eco friendly packaging too.

Pretty Pink Eco Jewellery

Ilana founded Pretty Pink in 2005 and the girls take inspiration from their upbringing in Brazil. The jewellery reflects their passion for the unique materials and colours. They both adore their cockapoos and long walks around Edinburgh.

Six Degrees

Fairly traded, up-cycled and sustainable jewellery, accessories and homewares. Our distinctive product ranges are created by social enterprises and artisans in developing countries with care and skill, creating unique and eco-friendly gifts that make a real statement without saying a word.

Bathroom and Skincare Supplies


When Zohreh couldn’t find plastic free, simply designed reusable period pads, she decided to make her own. All fabrics used are natural, organic and sustainability made, ensuring the pads are healthy for women and the Earth!

Purity Natural Beauty

Eco friendly skincare and beauty products. Plastic-free, with plantable outer packaging that grows into flowers and plants.
Anti-Microbead formulations. Blended with high quality natural and organic ingredients.

Franchine Young Ireland

Nature and purity had always drawn her in, but after battling skin rashes during menopause, Franchine decided to make a wonderbalm to heal her own troubled skin. A trained reflexologist, she has plenty of knowledge to draw upon;  friends and family were soon queuing up!

The Mango Girl

Dr. Ava Brown created The Mango Girl – a unique brand that combines her passions for hair, beauty, authenticity, personal empowerment, culture, and modern convenience. All with the added touch of them being handmade. Mama would say “tun you hand and mek fashion” – Turn your hand and make things.

Blushberry Botanicals

Launched by Lorraine in 2017 who wanted to make a range of natural vegan cosmetics using the finest ingredients. Lorraine studied botany and chemistry at Aberdeen University and more recently qualified as a nurse, giving her the knowledge to develop luxury plant based products which truly care for the skin.

Lane 44

‘Lane 44’ is a shaving company for guys and girls. Everyone needs a sustainable alternative to overpriced plastic razors. We make Plastic Free Razors that are as comfortable on your face as they are on your legs.

Wild About Soap

Averil is a horticultural expert and inspired by the famous world gardens and her knowledge of plants, she created her own unique range of soaps and body butters. All her products are made from infused plant and herb oils and natural ingredients.

The White Teeth Box

The White Teeth Box is the one stop shop for all of your healthy natural teeth whitening & oral care products. Our ethos is to offer high end products that are affordable and have more of an impact on your every day oral health and less of an impact on the environment.

Green Ladies NI

Green Ladies N.I started as an experiment for two women from Northern Ireland who wanted an alternative to the chemical laden and harsh deodorants found in today’s shops. Dedicated to building a brighter future for the planet, cosmetically and beyond!

Deborah Neill Skin Care

Deborah began making her own soap after discovering how many chemicals went into the products she was using in her work. She has since created the perfect soap and expanded into oils for the face and body to create a simple routine using clean, healthy ingredients.


Bambooth® is a sustainable toothbrush brand started by Niamh (a vet & conservationist) and Joe (outdoor enthusiast) who, after learning more about the problem with plastic pollution wanted to do something to help tackle the problem.

Norse Lifestyle

Norse make great grooming products for bearded, smooth-faced & mustachioed men! Handmade in Kingston-upon-Thames, packed with natural ingredients and essential oils – promoting healthy circulation, smelling great, & keeping bacteria off your beard hair.


Lisa created Bristolmade, are an independent zero waste company making 100% natural, organic, vegan skincare products in Bristol. All her products are handmade in small batches to maximise the freshness and performance of the ingredients.


KIND2 is a range of award winning solid shampoo and conditioner bars. Made in the UK from natural ingredients, our products are vegan and free from plastic, soap, sulphates, silicones and parabens. The range is unisex and being soap free, it is pH balanced with no transition period and formulated to perform effectively in hard water.