Delicious Smoothie Bowl Recipe

August 13, 2020
Smoothie Bowl Recipe Sustainable Vibes

by Maya Vertigans

Smoothie bowls are one of my favourite breakfasts, but bought smoothies are packaged in plastic and also tend to be very expensive. Making your own smoothie or smoothie bowl will save you money and is a delicious summer breakfast. Smoothies are also a great way of reducing food waste and the carbon emissions of the food you eat. Plus, smoothies are a great way of getting your vitamins and this recipe includes 3 of your 5 a day! Use plant based milk for a homemade vegan smoothie bowl.

I love berries, they are definitely one of my favourite seasonal summer foods but they tend to stay fresh for a very short time. Instead of wasting, a smoothie is a great way to use up any berries (or other fruit) that are starting to look a bit sad. You can also make your berries last longer by freezing to use in your smoothie or for baking. Berries are also an eco friendly ingredient for a summer smoothie because they are in season so can be bought from farms within the UK. If you are buying your berries in the supermarket they will have travelled less distance and will be sourced locally within the UK, reducing their carbon footprint. 

Alternatively, if you have a garden, give growing berries a go – raspberries and blackberries in particular are really easy and grow back year after year. If you don’t have a garden, do not worry, you could try planting strawberry plants in pots indoors. Otherwise, visit a pick your own farm. Or take a stroll in the woods or countryside and you may see raspberries or blackberries growing in the wild that you can pick to take home to munch on and add to your morning smoothie. 

Wild Raspberries for Smoothie Bowl - LOOLYN

Smoothie Bowl Ingredients:

  • 1x banana (it doesn’t matter if it is starting to go a bit brown)
  • Milk (dairy or plant based, whatever you have in the fridge)
  • Berries or other soft fruit (frozen or fresh)
  • Oats
  • Peanut Butter
  • Orange (or other fruit) juice (optional)
  • Seeds to top your smoothie bowl (optional)

How to make your smoothie bowl:

  1. Slice the banana and add half into your blender. Save the other half for putting on top of your smoothie bowl. Banana will help to thicken your smoothie bowl to get the traditional smoothie texture.
  2. Add the berries or other soft fruit. If you are using frozen fruit, you can leave the fruit to defrost and warm up for an hour first (you can also blend the fruit whilst frozen, but this will make your smoothie very cold).
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of oats to your blender. Adding oats will make your smoothie bowl a more substantial meal and will add protein and carbohydrates. 
  4. If you are planning on making a smoothie rather than a smoothie bowl, you can also add a tablespoon of peanut butter to your blender, which will provide additional protein. However, I like to use peanut butter to top my smoothie bowl so I tend not to add it to the smoothie mixture too.
  5. Fill the blender ⅓ full with milk.
  6. Top up the blender with orange (or other fruit) juice, until all of the ingredients are immersed in the liquid. If you are not adding fruit juice, add more milk or water instead.
  7. Blend the ingredients together.
  8. Pour into a bowl.
  9. Top your smoothie with whatever you fancy. I usually use the other half of the banana, some linseeds and peanut butter. But you could use any fruit, seeds, nuts or even granola or muesli. 

For more affordable and eco friendly recipes and tips, head over to the Sustainer Container website. Sustainer Container sells naturally affordable boxes of simple sustainable swaps, to help you start your eco warrior journey whilst saving you money! 

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