5 Easy Ways to Shop More Sustainably this Weekend

January 17, 2020
Lady in Mall - Sustainable Vibes

by Hilary McGuckin

Lets talk about how to shop sustainably. As the weekend approaches is your attention turning to getting out and about, socialising, shopping and having fun? But how do you do all that and still be responsible is the question? Sometimes it’s really hard to follow the rules we set ourselves, when we are surrounded by others who may not be on the same journey, or as clued in to the impact we have on a daily basis.

So we have put together 5 handy hints that bring you and your family one step closer to living a cleaner, greener, more sustainable life. In particular how to shop sustainably. They are easy peasy and once implemented they become second nature. I’m sure most of you are already doing several of these things naturally – its logical!

👇If you have any other hints and tips we’d love to hear them – leave them in the comments below!

Bag on a rack. Shop Sustainably

Bring your own bags – think ‘plastic-free’ – before hitting the shops and grab a cotton or canvas bag and stick it in your pocket. There are so many great designs out there now that your canvas tote can be as stylish and coordinated as your handbag or backpack!

Take public transport – think ‘lower emissions’ – Instead of driving, trying to find parking and then getting upset about how much the carpark is, take the train or the bus….it’s usually quicker, a whole lot cheaper, and you can catch up on all the news for the day if you are one who likes to remain incognito rather than chat away to your fellow travellers .

Check out the charity shops – did you catch our post about sustainable fashion? “fast fashion is the second biggest polluting industry after oil” – so hunt out something unique, benefit a good cause and save a pretty penny while you’re at it. Charity shop shopping has come a long way since the dingy shops of the 80s. Many second hand and charity stores have areas dedicated to fashion, shoes, must read book and more.

We can certainly attest to the second hand toy market being a big money saver.

Read the labels – ‘think cruelty free’ – before you make that spontaneous purchase take a quick look at the label? are they responsible manufacturers? What does Google say about them? Its now becoming a lot easier to read more about what you are buying before you buy it. Often while in the changing room! We have to make manufacturers wake up to the fact we will not stand for poor work practices and unsustainable production methods. Vote with your wallet and spend where it can make a difference.

Shop local – think ‘home street not high street’ – easier said then done, we know. But if there is an opportunity for you to support a local shop or an independent vendor instead of a high street giant then you’re choosing a company with a dramatically reduced carbon footprint. That will always get the thumbs up from us!

If you have any other tips on how to shop sustainably please do let us know below.

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